4 questions to make your story unique

The success of your brand storytelling hinges on your ability to tell a unique tale. Here are four questions to ask to hone your effort.

Who is the story for?

Seems obvious. But it's surprising how many pieces lose focus because the brand has not gone through the process of segmenting audiences and creating a clear picture of who the content targets.

How will it benefit them?

In order for the story to have real power, it must address a need for the audience. You know the feeling. You run across a great piece that gives you some useful insight. And you can immediately see how you can apply it to your work or life. Think about how your storytelling can achieve that with your audience.

What proof do you have?

Once you establish your benefit, you have to back it up with details that support the claim. It's important to be cynical and critical. Your audience won't stick around if they feel like your proof is flimsy or in some way suspect.

What's your unique angle?

You've identified and segmented your audience. You've pinpointed the benefit. And you've backed it up with believable proof. These are the rational elements of storytelling. Now take it to the next level by finding a unique way to tell that story. This is the emotional element of storytelling.

A smart story will get recommended and passed along. To make sure your story has this kind of juice, ask the four questions.