I have helped organizations across a wide range of industries discover how bringing purpose into their story can transform their success. I have over 30 years of experience in helping bring these purpose-driven stories to life for organizations. This includes:

Purpose clarification

  • Purpose assessments
  • Purpose clarification discovery
  • Clarification workshops
  • Purpose statement development

Purpose positioning with the Thrust Story Framework

  • Purpose-driven positioning workshops to develop your Thrust Story Framework
  • Umbrella Thrust Story Framework creation
  • Division/product Thrust Story Framework creation


  • Purpose anthem crafting
  • Purpose movie creation
  • Purpose-driven story development
  • Message hierarchy development
  • Messaging prototypes
  • Design prototypes


  • Story rollout
  • Design development
  • Creative direction
  • Creative team resourcing and management
  • Digital deployment

Program consulting

  • Internal introduction programs
  • Internal rollout and engagement programs
  • Purpose-driven recruitment development
  • Go-to-market planning

This is just a sampling. If you don't see a specific solution mentioned to help address your challenge, please ask