Who are more valuable – left brainers or right brainers?

Who are more valuable? Is it the analytical left brainers? Or is it the creatively-driven right brainers?

The answer is those unique few who display and cultivate both left brain and right brain abilities. The Modern Marketing Manifesto details why this unique breed of thinker is vital to the future.

I’ve worked with those in the past that resisted this concept. They rationalized that it would cause a loss of focus. And it would hinder the development of their expertise. What I’ve come to understand is that their thinking was driven by fear.

Becoming a left and right brain thinker requires continually challenging yourself. Pushing into areas that can cause discomfort. Because you’re constantly learning. And having to admit what you don’t know.

Consider the impact that you want to have. And if you have the inclination to conceptualize as well as analyze, then embrace both sides of your brain. Because the future needs more people like you.