Using storytelling to evangelize a cause

Any worthwhile cause will have facts and figures that help justify why it deserves your support.  When you add storytelling to the mix, you have the potential to go beyond promoting a cause to creating a movement. The Council For Economic Education has created a compelling example surrounding the need to improve personal financial education throughout our nation.  Let's face it, personal financial education sounds like a hard topic to sell to folks.  But this example follows some smart storytelling principles that bring out the insight in the data, and help create a reason for caring about this subject.  Here are those principles:

1. Make the data snackable

It's easy to overwhelm your audience with all your great data.  Separating each data point helps to simplify your story and forces you to think about why that piece of data is meaningful.

2. Illustrate the insight

Illustrating the data helps add interest.  More importantly, it can help demonstrate how that data can impact the lives of all those involved with the cause or issue.

3. Organize to build a compelling tale

It's all about building upon each fact.  When organized with thought, this flow of data can pull the reader into your story, delivering them to the final, compelling conclusion that will have them ready to take action.

Key Takeaways

  • Storytelling can help you go beyond promoting a cause to creating a movement.
  • A well-crafted story can reveal the powerful insight behind the data.
  • Follow the three principles to create a compelling story: make the data snackable, illustrate the insight, and organize it to create an enticing narrative.