Unlocking your content marketing

Developing your content marketing can seem like a daunting task.  In reality, companies have some of the most valuable and compelling content easily within their reach.  It is just a matter of unlocking it.

Begin your content marketing with an interview

Conducting an interview gives you one of the most accessible ways to unlock some of your most valuable content.  An interview with a client can be the most powerful.  It can provide a peer-to-peer point-of-view or even an implied recommendation.

With some businesses,  a client interview can be difficult to obtain.  A good example is the financial services industry where regulations and client confidentiality concerns could limit your opportunities.  With these organizations, you can turn to interviewing a subject matter expert within your company.  My company used this technique.  One interview resulted in dozens of assets for use in the content marketing.

Tips for your content marketing

The Content Marketing Institute posted an article with some helpful tips for conducting your interviews.  The key is to start  simple.  Consider using a question and answer format blog post.  As you refine your process, consider adding video.  The quotes and soundbites you unlock can be repurposed across the spectrum of social channels.  Most importantly, it can be the catalyst for unleashing your content marketing.

Key Takeaways

  • The interview gives you an easy way to unlock your content marketing
  • Interview clients or your internal subject matter experts
  • Start simple and add new techniques as you refine your process