The 5 Steps of Customer Journey Mapping

What do your prospects and customers want? It would be easy to blurt out the last thing that a customer told you was important. But the fact is, it’s a trick question. What your customer wants changes depending where they are in their customer journey.

Our process of customer journey mapping defines the 5 steps your prospects take. Creating your map helps you identify incredibly valuable intelligence about your target at each step including:

  • Their wants and needs
  • Their mindset
  • The questions they’re asking
  • Their objections
  • The channels they use

Identifying this intelligence helps you customize a plan according to the path your prospects take to becoming your customers. And it enables you to deliver relevant and meaningful help at each step that naturally guides your prospects to the next step of the journey.

This is a process that can benefit a company of any size. And it’s something that every good marketer should pay attention to. Looking to get started or refine your customer journey mapping process? Check out the series we have created to help you craft your maps.

Customer Journey Mapping | 5 Steps

  • Step 1. Problem/Need – your prospects have an inkling. There is something that’s not quite right in their lives. Or, maybe there is the feeling that there is an opportunity that they are missing.
  • Step 2. Discovery – they are trying to understand the problem or need they have. They start searching for ways to solve that problem or take advantage of the opportunity.
  • Step 3. Evaluation – your prospects start comparing the options, weighing the pros and cons of each.
  • Step 4. Decision – they need to validate their decision to do business with you.
  • Step 5. Review – your prospects are reflecting on their choice, deciding whether it was a good move and whether or not they would recommend you and even do more business with you.