We still need big ideas

Advertising is dead. You can see that headline countless times in the trade publications.

People don’t want to look at banner ads. Click through rates are dismal. I understand why. People don't want to be interrupted. So we say out with advertising. Out, out, out.

Just keep it all functional. We just want to get to the information we want. Spare us the frills. Don't get witty with me. Just the facts ma’am. Right?

Well actually, no. That's not what we want. We are not rational beings. We don't just want the facts. We prove that every day with our actions. We want to be moved and entertained. And we seek out experiences that seem to understand that about us.

So while we’re throwing out advertising, let's be careful not to throw out what people really want. That’s big ideas.

Find the big ideas

It’s what smart brands have done for ages. It’s about developing a smart concept that people can relate to. An idea that gets everyone excited. An idea that unifies all communication so your social post, your blog, your website, and even those traditional things like TV commercials all speak from the same big thought.

This has a number of benefits. For example, it helps you build consistency across all your communications. So you have messages building on messages – all speaking from the same big idea.

Advertising may be changing but there will always be a need for a big idea. Something that not only rises above the quagmire of noise out there, but also has the the power to stick with us.