Your brand needs to act like it means it

Too often, branding gets relegated to the realm of messaging. Clever words and interesting pictures. But that's not enough in today's world.

I'm a big proponent of finding the meaning behind a brand. That’s to say, to create a purpose-driven brand. And I believe that once you find it, you should state it boldly. That's why I recommend to my clients that they create a manifesto.

It's very exciting when you are creating this foundational piece of what a brand can be. But your brand needs to be much more than just a set of words. Finding your meaning is an awesome first step. But it's just that. A first step. Once you find that purpose, then you need to act like you mean it.

Is your brand acting on its purpose?

Acting on your purpose means delivering on the promise that your brand sets forth. If you promise to make the confusing world of insurance more easily understood, then you need to do the things that prove that. You need to act like it. Under this scenario, it could mean delivering great help – like useful tips on the social channels. Or, maybe downloadable guides that could help a person make better decisions when it comes to insurance needs. Maybe it's a video that shows how the different types of insurance fit into a life. Doing these things helps a brand act like it means it.

The messaging behind the brand is important. After all, it's what engages us from the get-go. It gives us a reason to pay attention and it should be interesting. But it is just setting the stage for the real stuff. The stuff that people look for to help them through a challenge in their life or to take advantage of an opportunity. When you can deliver on the promise of the messaging with things that are valuable and meaningful, then you're acting like you mean it.