Customer journey mapping | Step 4 – The Confirming

We’ve come to the point of the customer journey mapping process where your prospects are ready to commit. This is Step 4 of the customer journey - Decision or the confirming.

Your prospects have thought about their problem or need (Step 1). They have gone through a discovery to identify how they might address that problem or need (Step 2). And they have chosen a solution and evaluated their options (Step 3). Now they are at that fourth step. As a point of reference, here are those five steps again:

  1. Problem/Need
  2. Discovery
  3. Evaluation
  4. Decision
  5. Review

Step 4. Decision or The Confirming

At this point, your prospects need to validate their decision to do business with you. We have been using the example of someone who was dealing with financial struggles that left him short on money at the end of each month. He identified his problem (Step 1). He began to look at ways of addressing it – from finding a better checking account to enrolling in a personal financial management course (Step 2). He chose the better checking account route and began to compare and contrast different checking accounts available to him (Step 3). At Step 4, he has chosen the checking account he believes is right for him. But before he signs up, he needs to validate that this is the right decision.

This is the confirming. He needs reassurance that he is making a wise choice. If you’re a bank, this would be the ideal time to roll out a testimonial. Or, point to third party reviews that help give him confidence. Service awards and flattering industry ratings also help fulfill your prospect’s need at this fourth step.

As you fill out this step of the customer journey mapping process, describe what they are experiencing. Document the questions that they have. And note the channels they use to find that reassurance they need – from online reviews to in person handholding that they receive from your customer representatives. This will give you a useful snapshot of your prospect’s mindset and behavior at this point. That can guide the help you design and deliver to win their confidence and turn those prospects into customers.

Next up is Step 5. Review or The Look Back