3 questions that will make you a better content marketer

Sharing expertise can create a valuable asset for a business. Of course, the value of that expertise is determined by how readily your readers engage with (and even share) what you have to offer.

An interesting post on cmo.com talks about the challenge that brands have in creating compelling content. As the author states, this requires you to "Tell your readers something they don’t know, simplify a complex idea, connect the dots between ideas that are already out there, provide context to emerging trends, and be meaningful.

After years of helping companies develop compelling content, I have found that answering 3 questions can help quickly determine if a piece of content is worthy of our readers' time.

Question 1 >> Why should they believe me?

What proof of expertise can you provide? It can be years of experience. It can be a body of work that you have previously shared. It can be a unique perspective you bring because of your job or some other aspect of your life. It can be third party validation – maybe a thought leader pointed readers to one of your pieces of work. Whatever proof you have, be sure to include it so your reader understands why you are qualified to offer your expertise.

Question 2 >> Is the insight easy to identify?

Step back from what you’ve created and ask, “Is the insight indisputably clear?” Is it obvious how they can apply your insight to their work or life? For example, this post offers 3 simple questions you can ask after you finish a piece of content. If you only read the headline and the three questions, you’d still walk away with something you could use to evaluate your content.

Question 3 >> Is this stuff valuable?

Finally, put yourself in your reader’s shoes. Does your content help them solve a problem? Does it help them take advantage of an opportunity? Is it helpful enough that they will want to bookmark it? Better yet, is it compelling enough that they will want to share it? That may very well be the ultimate sign that you’ve created some quality content.