Enough with the monikers already

The explosion of the digital channels has had a bit of a nasty side effect. It has created a host of self-proclaimed ‘gurus’, ‘mavens’, and the such. Especially in the realm of social media, SEO, and SEM. These continue to be emerging disciplines. As such, there is naturally a void of generally recognized experts. When that happens, opportunistic folks take the opportunity to proclaim themselves as grand poobahs of whatever discipline they are exploiting.

It's okay to be an expert. But being an expert is defined by what you do. Not by some cute (and somewhat annoying) self-given title like 'guru'. Besides, calling yourself a 'guru' is like trying to give yourself a nickname. It never really sticks. And you end up sounding like you're trying too hard anyway.

So let's lose the monikers. People will know if you're good at what you do. It will be evident in your work.