You don't need a designer, you need a Translator of Brand Meaning

I went through an exercise recently to develop a logo mark with a client. It reminded me of two things:

  1. I'm very lucky to work with some very thoughtful and talented creative people
  2. There is a vast difference between a designer and what I call"Translators of Brand Meaning"

Designers are a dime a dozen

No offense to all the designers out there, but there are a lot out there who can make things look nice. Unfortunately, there are a lot of account managers and clients who will settle for that. It's unfortunate. Here's why:

  • As a client, you’re not getting everything you deserve out of your investment in hiring a creative specialist.
  • You will most likely settle for an execution that may capture initial attention, but won't have the depth to sustain engagement by continuously communicating deeper meaning - like your brand's purpose.

Regarding this second point, that's the kind of thing that leads to extraordinary value. I'm not talking about some vague-makes-everybody-feel-warm-and-fuzzy value. I'm talking about value that transfers directly to a company's valuation. If you don't believe me, check with Interbrand.

Why Translators of Brand Meaning

Translators of Brand Meaning are those special creative people who can take all your thoughtful strategic work and turn it into something that captures your brand's essence so effortlessly. Something that seems so unique to your brand and, at the same time, personally valuable to your prospects and customers. It's the kind of thing that can lead to them voluntarily walking around with your logo on their shirts and hats.

That’s when it becomes magical. And incredibly valuable. Imagine having your brand essence translated into something that your prospects will seek out. That’s the difference between a designer and a Translator of Brand Meaning.

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