You can’t demand someone’s passion

One of the greatest assets a company has is the passion of its people. Tapping into that passion can unleash ideas and effort that no other catalyst can replicate. But passion is a bit tricky. It can't be demanded. It's not something you can just decide to switch on with your troops. I wrote about this recently:

The fact that these passions are personal may keep people from openly sharing them for fear of ridicule. But they are real. You can unintentionally stumble upon them. You'll notice something different about the way somebody is doing their job. And when you casually ask, the floodgates open. I find it hard not to get as excited as they do. It's an irresistible feeling to share in someone's passion for making a difference.

You may not be able to control this passion, but you can inspire it. That requires something more than giving people an opportunity to earn a paycheck or even promoting the pride of doing a good job. That requires bringing real meaning to their work and their lives.

Fertile ground for passion

It is an incredible feeling to believe you are part of a movement or on a quest with likeminded individuals. The energy is palpable. It can motivate people to do great things.

Creating that movement takes an inspiring purpose. A Big Audacious Meaning that feels very personal, yet at the same time, is something everybody involved can share.

That's magical. Something personal. Something universal. Find that and watch how personal it gets. Watch how passionate it gets.