Forget the bandwagon, get on the purpose train

Belonging is a powerful force. It is a need that we all have. When we check out Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, we find it right there smack dab in the middle of the list. Understanding the power of belonging can help us connect with potential believers in unbelievable ways. Because when we do it the right way, it not only fills an undeniable need, it also lifts up everyone who is part of the tribe we have created.

The fear of not joining

We can get people to belong to our tribe by exploiting their fear. For example, we can play upon their worry of being an outsider. We can also make them feel like they might be missing something if they don’t join.

Anybody who spent any time in high school knows how powerful all of this can feel.

It seems harsh to use these fundamental needs to manipulate people. And yet, advertising has been taking advantage of this vulnerability for years. The thing is, using fear will only get us so far. Constantly reinforcing worry isn’t exactly a great strategy for winning the hearts of our potential believers.

The inspiration of purpose

Instead of fear, we can turn to something more powerful and sustainable. Imagine creating something that inspires people to join us. It takes more than exploitations. It takes a dedication to embracing a purpose. I call it a Big Audacious Meaning – something that can make a real difference in the world. It’s the kind of thing that draws us in and make us feel like there’s something larger that we can be part of. That creates an unparalleled connection with potential believers. I wrote about this recently:

Belongingness is powerful in its own right. And yet, that’s just the half of it. Because there is huge opportunity to fulfill that need in a way that helps people feel like, by belonging, they are making a profound difference for those around them.

This is belonging done right. Championing a larger purpose. Inviting our potential believers to help us make this nothing short of a movement.

This makes us all feel connected and like we are contributing. This is when belonging gets meaningful. It’s no bandwagon. It’s a high-speed bullet train that hurtles all of us at intoxicating speed toward something incredibly fulfilling.