What is the value of storytelling? It's $62.95.

Expert storytelling can exponentially increase the value of what you have to offer.

Those who have put it to work know this. Proving it has always been a challenge, though. That's why the Significant Objects experiment is so compelling. Here's how it works:

  • An object is purchased from a thrift store for no more than a few dollars
  • A writer creates a fictional story around the object
  • The object is listed on eBay along with the story
  • The winning bidder receives the object along with a printout of the story

It's fascinating to see the results. A small ceramic horse bust knick knack is bought for 99 cents. A story is created and connected to the object. It sells for $62.95.

Stories have the ability to humanize, to persuade, and to become unforgettable. Most importantly, stories can go beyond describing and informing, to do something that is hard to put a price on. Stories can inspire.

The moral? Storytelling is more than a nice-to-have afterthought to a marketing effort. Storytelling is a value generator.