The audacity of negative space

I admire the audacity of negative space. Of leaving areas unfilled. And letting those empty spaces amplify a thought in a way that no amount of yelling could accomplish.

It is an idea that extends beyond visual spaces. It's leaving the obvious unsaid. Leaving notes unplayed.

It's the power of the pause. The power of restraint.

It's one of the most compelling tools storytellers can employ. But it takes courage and conviction. And there are those who will want to fill those spaces. Because they are afraid of losing an opportunity to say one thing more. As if giving us one more thing to think about them would improve our impression of them rather than detract from the whole experience.

If only they knew that the real power is in simplifying.

There is a cacophony of screaming that surrounds us.  Have the audacity to leave the negative space untouched.