Want better customers? Start with better storytelling.

"We just need more customers."

I've heard that said for going on three decades. I've come to the conclusion that it's simply not true. The most important thing is not more customers. It's better customers.

Better customers are easier to engage, more reasonable, and more realistic. They are easier to work with, and give you a better shot at turning a profit.

Better customers are not so much found as they are cultivated. That means putting in the effort to go beyond just trying to close them. Cultivating better customers means telling engaging stories, starting early in our prospects’ journey. This approach feels less pushy and more helpful, making it easier for our prospects to engage when they are ready.

To get started, here are three steps to getting to that better storytelling.

Know what they want

If you're going to write an engaging story, you have to understand what appeals to your audience. Spend the time to get to know them. It will pay dividends in your storytelling.

Go beyond the facts

Reporting the facts correctly is important. But putting them in the context of a story can be enlightening. A story can help our readers understand what that fact means to their lives. It can help the lightbulb go on for them.

Tap into their imagination

Help them imagine what life will be like after engaging with you. Our prospects’ imagination may be the most powerful tool we have. It’s up to us to power it with our stories.