Taking the mystery out of easily generating quality leads

Who doesn't want leads, right? We're talking about people who say they're interested in what you have to offer. Just waiting for you to reach out so they can readily give you their business.

Sounds good. Unfortunately, it's never that easy. Not all leads are good leads. Even good leads may not be ready to engage.

Generating quality leads takes focus and strategy. Here are four steps that can help add that to your efforts to connect with those quality leads.

1. Know where your prospect are in the decision process

Where do you want to engage with a prospect? Is it only when they are ready to buy? Or is it earlier in the process when they are learning about possible options for the challenge they are facing? Knowing this will help you focus your efforts.

2. Understand what will help them at that point

Once you've decided where they are in the decision process, you have a better idea of the information and insight that they need. If you have an idea of what they need, you won't have to spend time on areas that may not resonate with them.

3. Know where they go to look for help

In order to reach them, will you need to appear on the first page of a search? Maybe it's a tweet or a post or a video. Or some combination of these things. If you have an idea of where they go, you can build your efforts around that channel.

4. Help rather than sell

Now you're ready to create something that will capture their attention. That doesn't mean it's time for an in-your-face sales pitch. We're not trying to sell them something. We're trying to help them buy. Depending on where they are in the decision process (see point 1), you could be creating everything from a helpful guide to a comparison tool to a case study. The important part to realize is that your job is to help.

Quality leads are not uncovered. They are nurtured. With a little focus and a strategic approach, you can start to see those quality leads gravitate to you. Just be a great source of help.