The ultimate content marketing question

There are many areas where you could apply your content marketing. Look at the myriad of personas within your target audience. And look at the decision making process of each. You could create content for each of the key points in the decision making process for each persona. This is really key to developing a robust content marketing program.

At the same time, a process like this can be overwhelming for anyone still testing the content marketing waters. Sometimes you need to start small, get something executed quickly, and then iterate. So here is a simple strategy for success with getting a content marketing effort focused and started. It starts with this one question:

When you think of your highest potential prospects, where is the most critical point in their buying process and what question do they need answered in order to do business with you?

Answer this question and you’ll be developing valuable content. More importantly, you’ll be making it easy for your customers to do business with you.