The 2 secret weapons for battling brand apathy

Today's pace of life and flood of information has created a caring crisis. We see it in everything from the shrinking of attention spans to diminished brand loyalty.

This doesn't mean that we need to accept this crisis. We can battle the apathy. I have the two secret weapons for the job:

  1. An inspiring brand purpose (Big Audacious Meaning)
  2. An exceptional customer experience

Start with a brand purpose

Creating an inspiring brand purpose is the quickest way to find that extraordinary difference that you will make in a life, a community, or even the world. That is irresistible. Because people are yearning for meaning in their lives. Find your brand purpose and you will find that thing that gives your prospects a reason to care. It is the ultimate apathy crusher.

Next, think customer experience

Think about your purpose coming to life in every way your prospects interact with you across the entire customer journey. Picture it engaging, convincing, and converting a legion of believers. A post on highlighted the power:

"It is about goosebumps, smiles, and bringing people close together. We need to focus on closing the gaps between people and the things they want to do. And we need to close the gap and then get out of the way. We are stewards of the experience."

Imagine that customer experience for your brand. Again, the word "irresistible" comes to mind.

Secret weapons

It's just difficult to know what to care about. Among the accelerating chaos of our world, people are wondering what should get their attention (let alone their passion!) They're wondering what has real and lasting value. And they're displaying what looks a lot like apathy because of it.

You can help them. You can give them something meaningful to care about. It's time to bust out the secret weapons.