Guess who is keeping you from brand purpose greatness.

A sense of wonder is one of the most powerful tools we possess. It allows us to see the world through child-like eyes. And as a result, we discover things that we would have missed in our day-to-day routine. This is invaluable when we are searching for our brand purpose.

I wrote about this recently in a post about our two most powerful senses:

"Wonder is that child-like state of being that allows us to see something special in the ordinary. If you have children, I don’t need to explain. After all, how many times did you answer the question, "What is that?” Or, “Why does it do that?” Ad nauseam. Looking back, I miss those days. Because that was wonder at work. Little minds like sponges absorbing the world around them. Immune to cynicism. Finding wonder in the most ordinary things."

The great thing about this is that we all have it. Having a sense of wonder is not like having an ability to draw or sing. If you were once a kid, then you once saw the world through child-like eyes. The only talent required is returning to that state.

Think about that. You have this incredibly potent power. A superpower. And the only one keeping you from using it is you. All it takes is the courage to allow yourself to rediscover that sense of wonder.