Your story can make or break you

It’s easy to pass off a brand story as something that is nice to have, but not necessary. But the fact is that a brand story - or lack of one - can make or break you. Knowing your story has very real ramifications (just as not knowing it does). Here are some real world examples.

The ramifications of knowing your story

  • Decisions happen quicker and are made more confidently since you have a touchstone to guide you
  • Consistency in words and actions increases across the organization - even when locations are geographically dispersed
  • People are more engaged because they have a clear understanding of the company's purpose

The ramifications of not knowing your story

  • Conflicts arise as divisions battle over how the company should portray itself
  • Since it is difficult to gain consensus on what is the direction, delays ensue
  • Multiple stories emerge from the organization creating a confusing din for prospects

It’s hard to overemphasize the importance of knowing your brand story. A recent post highlights this:

This is a story that must transcend any one department, division, or audience. More importantly, it must be inspiring. It must be inspiring for a prospective customer just as it should be inspiring for a team member celebrating her 20th anniversary with the company.

Your brand story can be an invaluable asset, helping you do some pretty amazing things. It’s time to know that story with unwavering certainty.