Read this before your business posts another thing to the social channels

I’m sure you’ve had this happen. I'm scrolling through my feed. There is a visually interesting picture. In this case, let’s say, flowers. And the caption says, “Enjoy Spring”.

It makes sense if I’ve indicated that I’m a flower enthusiast. And you’re a florist. Or a nursery. But this was a bank.

Get out of my feed!

Yeah, I’m a bit grumpy about this. I mean, what’s the harm, right? They were just being friendly. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t have had the same reaction if it had been a friend who posted the same picture with the same sentiment. But that’s the thing about social networks (with maybe the exception of Linkedin). They’re social. Which means we’re there to see what’s up with our social circle. Businesses are already at a disadvantage in these settings. So don’t do things that make you seem like a shameless opportunist.

The bank’s flower/spring post felt like an excuse to try and get into my feed. That’s not incredibly damaging if this doesn’t become a pattern. The bigger issue is that this was a missed opportunity to deliver something that was more relevant, resourceful, and respectful to me as a prospect or customer.

Remember the three R's

If you are wondering if your business should post that cute picture of kittens, consider the three R’s: Your posts should be:

  • Relevant - does it apply to your business? Or will it create a disconnect with your brand? If your prospects and customers have to stop and think about why a post makes sense coming from you, they probably won’t stop. And they may not give you even cursory consideration the next time around.
  • Resourceful - are you offering something that helps them solve a problem or take advantage of an opportunity? Friends help friends. If you want to be a valued part of their feeds, show them that you’re there to help.
  • Respectful - you should consider it a privilege to be part of their feeds. Don’t do anything that feels like you are a shameless self promoter. They already have a dearth of selfie-obsessed connections that are posting. They don’t need a business adding to the self absorption quotient in their feeds.

There is a place for your business in your connections’ feeds. But it requires some sensitivity and a relentless focus on your customer and prospect’s needs. Keep that in mind and use the three R’s. It will help you earn a place in their social channels.