Optimize for aspirations and inspiration

Technological advancements have made it easier and easier to connect with our prospects where and when they are looking for our products or services. As a result, much attention has been turned to this moment and how we use the technology to optimize for a time when prospects are at the buying stage. Some even go as far as proposing that prospects are only searching for a better price at this point and brand has little influence on the decision.

If this is the case, it means we are left to compete on price. And there will always be somebody willing to cut the price. Which means we will be left trying to compete and operate on ever-shrinking margins.

So what’s the alternative? To offer something beyond price. Something that has value for our prospects. This is what great brands have always done. And why they have been able to demand a price premium. It’s about using creativity to tap into the things our prospects want besides a great price. I believe those things can be captured in two categories: aspirations and inspiration.


Aspirations are about improving and growing. They’re about imagining a better future. Brands that can authentically help us down that path have a value that stretches beyond just the price we pay. Additionally, prospects have demonstrated time and time again that they are willing to reward brands that help them pursue their aspirations.


We want to be inspired. We want stories that spark the imagination. We want to be reminded of what’s possible. It’s positive, affirming, and energizing. Brands that realize the value of inspiring do more than just help boost our motivation, they increase their value in the eyes of us prospects.

It’s important to optimize for search. It’s important to be present when prospects are looking to buy. But unless we want to compete solely on price, we need to optimize for the things that our prospects really want. Things that are more valuable than just a good deal.