Disruptors can’t match the power of the Beautiful Question

Today, there is all kinds of hype around ‘disruptors’ – the concept of introducing a new idea or a new way of doing business that will fundamentally change the way the industry works.

It is an enticing idea. Which explains why so many talk about being a disruptor. And, why it has become over hyped.

I’ve never much liked the term. Asking how you can ‘disrupt’ feels antagonistic. But I didn’t have a suitable alternative until I came across a recent post that touted the idea of asking the Beautiful Question.

Asking a Beautiful Question feels positive while being a disruptor feels negative. And let’s face it, being negative is easy. Being engaging and inclusive takes work. It requires you put yourself on the line. You have to have the audacity to say, “We can do this together and make things better.” As opposed to saying, “We will throw this industry into chaos!”

Am I exaggerating? Maybe a bit. But the change in mindset is the important thing to focus on here. What would you rather do, get into a fight or lead a movement that improves things for those around you?

I don’t know about you, but I’m formulating a beautiful question.