Using humility to find the best version of ourselves

I talk a lot about finding and living a Big Audacious Meaning (BAM). It’s the difference one can make in a life, a community, and even the world. Defining a Big Audacious Meaning helps each of us embrace purpose. It is purpose that helps us become the best version of ourselves. Purpose gives us a North Star, helping guide our efforts. It also helps us stay motivated, inspiring us to make that difference for those around us.

The role of humility

I’ve helped different organizations go through the process of finding a Big Audacious Meaning. With each effort, it has become evident that there are certain qualities that help an organization get there quicker. One of the most potent is humility.

Humility powers our efforts because it calls on us to shift our focus from ourselves to those that we hope to serve. I wrote about this recently:

...when we’re thinking about others we don’t have the capacity to be obsessing over our needs. Scheming about how we will get others to do what we want. In short, humility brings out the best in us. And that creates fertile ground for our Big Audacious Meaning to flourish.

Whether it is an organization or an individual, a Big Audacious Meaning can provide clarity, focus, and motivation. Everyone I have worked with to discover this sense of purpose has craved those outcomes. But getting to it requires something that may not come natural to us. To put our wants aside and focus on those we hope to serve. The good news is that we all have the ability to overcome the natural tendency. We can do that by embracing our humility.

If we pursue that genuine humility, we can get to that purpose that we desire. Better yet, we have an awesome opportunity along the way. To discover that best version of ourselves.