Do you have the courage to be optimistic?

The advertising agency business is rife with cynicism. It's like it's the price of entry. I think some places actually make it part of the hiring process. You can imagine the interview question. "Okay Mr. Jones, would you rate yourself as cynical or just slightly jaded?"

There is some advantage to this. The cynicism leads us to question everything. A valuable trait for evaluating the validity of a position. But while it's useful in examining the ins and outs of strategy, it pales in comparison to what optimism can help you do. I wrote about this recently:

Optimism is a powerful force. It can help us envision greater things. It can strengthen resolve. Most of all, it can unleash enthusiasm and energy.

Being optimistic ain't easy

Here's the thing about optimism. It requires putting ourselves out there. Maybe even opening ourselves up to criticism. It's not as easy as cynicism. Cynicism is almost effortless. There is nothing at risk when we're cynical about something or someone. In fact, we sometimes use it as a shield to deflect attention away from ourselves. Or, to avoid having to emotionally commit to an idea or an effort. Finding the positive in a situation takes courage.

It's worth the risk when you consider the ripple effect that optimism can have. It can change someone's day. And the effect multiplies by the number of interactions that someone has that day - spreading the optimism.

Think about the number of people we interact with on a typical day. Imagine helping them feel the optimism. And, in turn, spreading it to everyone they interact with.

Imagine having that kind of effect on so many lives. Who couldn’t muster the courage to do that?