Finding focus with a content marketing strategy

We’re starting to see a number of companies release some fairly in-depth content marketing efforts. Some work very well. Others not so much.

Those that struggle have one thing in common – they are trying to be all things to all people.

Like any other good marketing strategy, content marketing needs to have focus. You want your prospects to think of you as someone who offers relevant and meaningful help. So how do you ensure your efforts accomplish this? Ask this question:

"Who am I talking with and what are they trying to accomplish?”

As you give this some thought, you will no doubt discover that you are talking to more than one kind of prospect. And you may discover that they’re all trying to do something slightly different from each other. That’s okay. Document each. Then prioritize them.

Now you have a basic roadmap for your content marketing. You have identified and ranked your prospects. You have described what each is trying to accomplish. Now start with the highest ranking prospect and create a piece of content that they will find helpful with what they are trying to accomplish.

With this kind of focus, you’ll find yourself less likely to get overwhelmed while feeling like your producing helpful content that matters to your audience.