Ask the ultimate 2 questions for B2B social media

Outside of LinkedIn, social media can be a less than hospitable place for businesses selling to other businesses (B2B). Most of the channels are places where people connect with friends to share moments, celebrate success, offer sympathy, and more. When a business tries to enter this environment, it is too easy for a post or update to feel awkward and forced.

Does that mean that the social channels are off limits to B2B companies? No. But you need to choose the right channels and respect the culture of each of them. LinkedIn is easy - it was built for business relationships. Twitter can be useful, too. It’s trickier for B2B companies on Facebook, but there are some good examples. The same goes for Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and more.

The 2 questions

Ultimately, it comes down to asking 2 questions about your B2B social media posts or updates:

  1. Are you helping your prospect solve a problem?
  2. Are you helping your prospect take advantage of an opportunity?

If you cannot answer yes to one of these questions, stop. Then create something that can. Your followers and fans will appreciate your usefulness. And you will continue to earn a place in their feeds.


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