The next 5 words will make your brand story irresistible

It's one thing to tell everyone inside your organization what your strategy means. It's quite another to relate a story that illustrates it.

If you haven't experienced this, here's a spoiler. The stories are way more engaging, meaningful, and enchanting than the explanations.

Why story works.

Telling a story is powerful because it allows the teller of the story to do what comes naturally. To relate a personal anecdote. To give an example from our her or his experience. But wait. There's more. It also allows those on the other end to get caught up in the tale. To paint the picture of the story in their minds. As you would imagine, the point the story is making becomes more vivid and memorable.

It's ridiculously simple. It's ridiculously powerful.

Most of the time we try to tell people how to think about our story. This is very inward focused. And as a result, a clumsy way to attempt to get others to adopt our story.

You can try to tell others. Or you can opt to share something real. Share something illuminating, entertaining, or moving. Or maybe even all three. Think how irresistible that would be.

Five words. One question.

Can you share a story?