A simple mindset shift that will make your brand stand out

Think about the scads of messages that you get hit with in a day. It’s monumental. By some estimates, it pushes into the range of 4,000+.

Now think about how those messages try to engage you. If you’re having trouble remembering, you’re not alone. In fact, this underscores the problem.

The vast majority of brands out there want to give us their details. Sometimes screaming them at us. We are trying to cope with this overwhelming amount of information (remember, we’re talking about 4,000+ messages each day.) And how do these brands behave in this environment? They try to give us even more information. Ridiculous, right?

Maybe you’re looking at your brand and thinking, “Yeah, we kinda do that.” No worries. Like I said, it happens to the vast majority of brands out there. But it is fixable.

The simple mindset shift for your brand

Most brands begin their efforts by thinking about what they want to say. It is the natural tendency. But if you want to really stand out, you need to make the shift to thinking about those you hope to serve first.

When we adopt this mindset, we think less about what we want to say, and more about what those we hope to serve want to hear.

Again, think about those 4,000+ daily messages. What do you think is going to stand out? Another message from a brand talking about itself? Or a message that demonstrates that your brand understands your prospects’ hopes and aspirations? We all know the answer. The real question is how do you do that? Here are three steps:

  1. Really understand who you hope to serve. Understand those hopes and aspirations.

  2. Understand how your brand fits into the picture. How does it serve their hopes and aspirations?

  3. Put the focus on those you hope to serve. Let them know that your brand understands what is important to them.

When you adopt this new mindset, you can see why it makes you more memorable. After all, you are speaking to what they want to hear. And that’s the reason to change the way we think about our brands.

The end.

Oh, wait a minute, there is one more thing. One little thing. Okay, one not-so-little thing. Your brand goes beyond becoming memorable to becoming something every brand aspires to - becoming desirable.