Why purpose is a game changer for a brand

Ask anybody and they’re likely to tell you that having a brand purpose is a good idea. In fact, we’d be hard pressed to find someone who thinks otherwise today. We can all get behind the idea of a Big Audacious Meaning.

The trouble is that this purpose is all too often just some vague notion. We all know it’s good, but we can’t really give all that many details as to why. So here’s why.


Purpose unifies

A Big Audacious Meaning brings the team together, giving us unique alignment on priorities. Of course, this unity makes us more productive and efficient. But more importantly, it gives us an esprit de corps. This togetherness amps up the energy and sparks innovation.

Purpose clarifies

Organizations achieve unprecedented clarity when they have a Big Audacious Meaning at their core. Without question, we know who we are. But beyond that, we know why we are here. With that to guide us, all we say and do becomes more compelling. Because it all emanates from one powerful source - our unshakable purpose.

Purpose amplifies

Our Big Audacious Meaning helps strengthen everything that we do unlike anything else we have available to us. The focus concentrates our efforts. Our words become more profound. Our actions become more intentional. Because we are now living up to an ideal that has the potential to exponentially boost the impact of everything we say and do.

This is just the beginning. As an organization embraces a Big Audacious Meaning, it inevitably discovers more efficiencies. More opportunities. Moreover, the purpose unlocks abilities to heighten our engagement with everyone we hope to serve. That is a potent combination of factors. A combination that can be game-changing for any organization.

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