Your audience wants 2 things from you

As a brand storyteller there are 2 things your audience wants you to deliver. Clarity and meaning.


Your audience wants you to break it down for them. After all, you're the expert, right? They don't want to have to work hard to decipher your explanation. So eliminate the distractions and ambiguity in your story. This is especially important in business-to-business brand storytelling where topics can get highly technical.


Your audience engages because they believe that your topic may have some relevance to their lives. This is the "meaning" in your storytelling. Look for ways to illustrate how your topic plays a role in their lives. Show them why they should care.

During complex projects, I find that focusing on these fundamentals can improve the storytelling. It's as simple as asking 2 questions. Am I bringing clarity? Am I finding meaning for my audience?