What's possible with a Big Audacious Meaning

There are a few shining examples out there of brands that embrace a Big Audacious Meaning. That is, a brand purpose that can make a difference in a life, a community, or even the world.

I’ve noticed that most of these focus on making a difference in an individual life with the hope that it could grow to impact the entire world. Coke wants each of us to share a little happiness with one another. That’s encouraging goodness at an individual level. Then hoping that action spreads – a theme they have championed since way, way back.

Recently, I wrote about a brand that has taken the opposite approach. It has championed a world-changing Big Audacious Meaning. Here’s a bit from that post:

Dove® could have put its focus on how its products help women take care of themselves, and as a result, help them have a little more confidence. That would have been an honorable focus that would have helped make a difference in individual lives.

But the Big Audacious Meaning reached beyond that. Dove® didn’t just want women to change the soap that they used. The organization wanted the world to change the way it talked about and even defined beauty.

A Big Audacious Meaning shows us the way

We get caught up in tracking metrics and checking off milestones. With our heads down, sometimes it’s hard to see what we’re really working towards. A Big Audacious Meaning gives everyone a clear view of what’s really important. And what’s possible.

You think that that’s too ambitious for who you are? I imagine someone along the way told Dove® that it was preposterous for a maker of soap to think that they could change how the world defines beauty.

I’m just glad that they didn’t listen.