Use customer experience mapping to find your organization’s “magic moments”

What is the most important activity you should be pursuing for your organization? What is the most compelling story you should be telling to drive more leads to conversion?

These are the questions that companies are asking. The answers drive decisions on budget allocation, channel selection, timing, and more. So how do you get to those answers? You map the customer experience - the journey that your prospects take to becoming your customer. That includes how they discover you, evaluate you, interact with you, and ultimately do business with you.

Finding the “magic moments” in your customer experience

When you define your prospects’ journey, you will uncover those magic moments. Those opportunities to offer your prospect a great piece of information, a tool to help them make sense of a decision, a story that draws them closer to your brand, and more. These are the key moments that move your prospect one step closer to becoming a customer.

What makes those moments magical?

These are “magic moments” because they give you the opportunity to remove the friction that slows or stops prospects from becoming your customers. It’s about delivering the right interaction at the right time so your prospect feels like you are almost clairvoyant in your ability to help them on their journey. In other words, it feels almost magical.

It doesn’t take a lot of hocus pocus

To map the customer experience, get good input. It could be industry research and research with your existing customers. It could be data from your online activities. It could be anecdotal evidence from your frontline people. Most likely, it’s some combination of all these things. Take it all in. Synthesize it. And then draw a journey map. When you do, you will discover something magical. You will discover real opportunities to help your prospects address a challenge or take advantage of an opportunity. Those are the kind of opportunities that allow you deliver real and meaningful help. Is that magical? It sure can feel that way.