The most important trait of a brand storyteller

I had a couple conversations recently which reminded me of what just may be the most valuable trait you can cultivate. Empathy.

Empathy enables you to put yourself in the other person's shoes. That can bring all kinds of benefits. Here are 3 advantages for brand storytellers.

1. It helps you identify your audience

Who would find your message valuable? This is the kind of question that helps you picture what your audience looks like.  It would be easy just to create the message you have in mind.  But when you think about who would want to hear your message, it can help make your storytelling stronger.

2. It helps you understand what motivates them

What is important to your audience? It takes empathy to understand your audience's needs, wants, fears, and desires. But if you make the effort, it can help you create something that is meaningful and relevant. And that is what defines great storytelling.

3. It helps you understand how to tell the story

With empathy, you can more readily define your most likely audience and understand what motivates them.  With that identified, you know how the story should unfold. This minimizes starts and stops. And helps you create something that makes your audience feel like you really understand what's important to them.