The 3 "Be's" for Better Brand Storytelling

Brand storytelling is all about creating more compelling and meaningful interactions with our readers. The principles behind it are fairly simple. You notice I didn’t say “easy”. Our storytelling wouldn’t be worth much if it didn’t take some thinking and some determined effort. That doesn’t mean it has to be prohibitively difficult. The process can flow naturally if we follow the 3 “Be’s”.

1. Be authentic

Does it feel honest? Will our readers give us permission to tell this story? We need to take a hard look at the story we’re telling. We need a good b.s. detector.

2. Be helpful

Are we giving them something useful that will help them solve a problem or take advantage of an opportunity? Being engaging and helpful is a combination that will gain us a following.

3. Be consistent

We need to let our readers know that they can count on us as a consistent source of great help. That means we can’t create things sporadically. We need to be reliable.

The 3 “Be’s” help us build an effort with depth and meaning. It’s not one-and-done. It’s an approach the builds reputation, making it stronger with each authentic and helpful story we tell.