Strategy isn't just answering the question - it's solving the problem

I’ve seen many a time when we ask the question,“How can we build this solution?” When in reality, the better question to ask may be, “Is this even the right solution to build?" Sometimes we get so caught up in answering the question that we miss out on solving the problem. Oh, we may feel like we’re doing good work. Making progress. But when all is said and done, we haven’t really moved the needle for the the organization.

How does this happen?

When faced with a challenge, a person will try to define the path to the answer using whatever experience he or she has. It’s instinctive. But it can immediately limit the solution design.

So how do you expand the thinking? You can’t just instantly acquire different perspectives and years of experience.

Take a strategic approach

Avoid the urge to to put all your energy into answering the question. Start with strategy by first stepping back and asking, “Are we really solving the problem?”

It will ensure that were not just working at something, but actually improving it.