Stop yelling at me

Local car dealers yell at me. I'm sitting in my living room, minding my own business. Watching a little TV. Not bothering a soul. And they start yelling. At every commercial break.

It drives me nuts. They'll argue that it's effective (after all, why have all of them done it for years?) But have you ever heard anyone say, "Hey, did you see that commercial with the local car dealer who yells at you for 30 seconds?" Yeah, I didn't think so.

The reason car dealers yell is because they have nothing to say. And they're not the only ones. You find it all over in many different forms. But it's always recognizable. It's a message packed wall-to-wall with me-too features with no room for even a sliver of an original idea.

There is one positive thing that comes from the yelling. It makes me want to do everything I can to make sure I'm never yelling at you.