Simple = better user experience

We appreciate businesses that can make things simple for us. That doesn’t mean dumbing down things. It means doing the hard work to deliver a really simple and clear explanation. Or crafting a user interface that is so intuitive that you can just begin using it without a tutorial.

Why is this worth talking about? Because simplicity is becoming a strategic asset for businesses in today’s world. It’s for good reason:

  • We are busier than ever. The early promise of technology was that it would free up time. It did. And we used that time to add more things to our to do list. When was the last time you heard somebody say, “Gee I wish I had more things to fill my time."
  • Our attention span has eroded. The average attention span in 2000 was 12 seconds. Today it’s 8.25 seconds. It’s pretty safe to say it isn’t going back up any time soon.
  • New options are emerging daily. We are experiencing an explosion of information, apps, tools, and more. The possibilities are exciting. And at the same time, the complexity of the volume can be overwhelming.

So if this is the reality of our world today, then we need to champion a few principles that will help us create a user experience that embraces simplicity.

  1. Find your focus. Narrow in on what you’re trying to accomplish. Write it down. Keep it simple. It’s the first step to ensuring simplicity in everything you do next.
  2. Make it simpler. Never stop asking, “How can we make it simpler, easier, and more intuitive?” If you think you have edited it to the bone, then cut it in half. If you have reduced things to three steps, see if you can cut it to two. Never stop simplifying.
  3. Champion consistency. Maintain consistent navigation. Use consistent language, colors, visuals, and more. Our prospects have too much to do and think about. They won’t stick around to try and figure out why you suddenly changed things up on them.

There is a great opportunity to embrace and promote simplicity in today’s environment. If only for the simple reason that our world is a complex place. And we really don’t want to be known as the ones who are adding to the complexity.

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