Purpose, profit, & you

It is infectious when someone has a genuine passion for what they do. Guy Kawasaki tapped into that when he joined Apple in the early days and insisted he not be called a ‘sales person’, but rather an ‘evangelist’ – because he believed so deeply in the purpose that Apple was pursuing. Unfortunately, too few organizations really unleash that power. I wrote about this recently:

Having passion is generally considered to be a good thing. Right up to the point you walk through the door of your place of work. In general, the majority of businesses are not oriented to tap into a collective passion of the people who work there...Organizations bring in efficiency experts. They launch employee motivation programs. Yet most miss the one thing that has the power to unlock untold potential. It’s embracing a purpose. A Big Audacious Meaning.

Purpose needs you

The idea of a purpose-driven brand is a concept that is still relatively in it’s infancy. This makes it a bit frustrating if you truly believe in the potential, but have to walk into an organization each day that is oblivious to the shift that is coming.

The best thing we can do is to continue to create a dialogue around the power of the purpose-driven brand. To celebrate those that are proving that money and meaning fuel each other. And to champion the reality that we all do better when the places where we work commit to doing good. Are you in?