The power of purpose – or when work doesn’t feel like work

According to one survey, half of Americans feel burned out and overworked. Yet in the same survey, a majority of these folks say they’re happy and willing to work for a promotion within their organization. Have we come to accept that this is just the way it is? Busyness as usual?

How good is the work of someone who is motivated by fear rather than inspiration? How sustainable is a business strategy that fuels its business this way?

We need more purpose in our organizations

It’s sad to think that American workers are feeling beat down and overworked. It’s sad that the organizations they work for believe that this has to be the new normal in order for the company to stay competitive.

Purpose-driven brands are turning that way of thinking on its head.

Purpose works because it allows us to feel a personal connection to making a difference. When we feel like we’re part of something this meaningful, work doesn’t feel like work.

Something magical happens when we feel like we are contributing to an inspiring purpose. We have boundless energy. And an optimism that allows us to crush obstacles. It's something that a culture of fear simply cannot match. It’s like that scene in the Disney movie Monsters, Inc. when Mike and Sulley discover that the laughter that comes from delight is a more potent source of energy than the screams that come from fear.

Of course, purpose isn’t just some gimmick to make overworked team members feel less burned out. Research is revealing that purpose-driven brands are outperforming their peers. Which means they are not having to predicate their success on how much they can squeeze out of employees.

This is a unique spot in the world to occupy. Where you are creating something that has everyone on the team amped up and the marketplace knocking at your door.

That sure beats the hell out of just making sure everybody is busy.