People are yearning for meaning. Does your brand deliver?

People are yearning for meaning. They want to believe in something. They want to feel a sense of belonging. It’s always been there. But recently, it has become more pronounced. It has been heightened by the incredible pace of change in our world driven by the explosion of technology.

All the uncertainty has people looking for something to hold on to. Something that can anchor them.

Companies that understand and address this yearning are being rewarded. Simon Sinek does an excellent job of illustrating this in his famous Ted Talk.

Go big on meaning

I’ve been writing a lot about the importance of a larger purpose driving your efforts. I call it your Big Audacious Meaning (BAM!). Your BAM! creates an incredible conduit to powerfully connect with everyone from your team to your prospects to your customers and more. Check out this post for an explanation and some real life examples.

Why it works

When you define and refine your BAM! you create a purpose driven brand. That means a brand that goes beyond positioning on features or lightweight benefits. Your BAM helps you connect with the fundamental human desires of those that you serve. Read this post for a great example of how one purpose driven brand chose to serve our fundamental human desire for happiness.

It’s no longer enough to talk about your products and services. Today, people yearn for more. Find your purpose. Discover your Big Audacious Meaning. The rewards of doing so are waiting for you.