Max your brand’s sensory appeal with video

When it comes to unlocking the emotional clout of your Big Audacious Meaning, nothing is as powerful as video. Video brings together a combination that other media simply can’t match – inspiring words, compelling images, and moving music. This isn’t speculation. According to The Guardian, "Axonn Research found seven in 10 people view brands in a more positive light after watching interesting video content from them."

What’s perhaps most interesting is that, with all this evidence, marketers still seem slow to adopt. As proof, look no further than a Forbes article from three years ago titled, "Why Online Video Is Vital For Your 2013 Content Marketing Objectives."

Three years ago, video was characterized as vital. Today, it’s that and more (what’s the next level up from vital?) There was some great insight from that same article that lays out why video works so well:

  • The Fusiform Facial area makes us pay attention to faces – this is an actual brain function that hard-wires us to use the human face as a gathering point for information and believability.
  • Voice conveys rich information – yes, the simple sound of a human voice speaking to us has an amazing way of converting information into meaningful content.
  • Emotions are contagious – here’s a subtle but powerful aspect that we may take for granted. The body language of emotions is an appealing and we naturally love to share.
  • Movement grabs attention – another trait that runs deep in our collective anthropological DNA is the power of peripheral motion. Since the stone age, we’ve survived by noticing things in motion.

A Big Audacious Meaning amps up the video

Combine video with the emotional clout of your Big Audacious Meaning and you have the opportunity to create something really special. I wrote about my personal experience with this recently:

I’ve seen people moved to tears as a Big Audacious Meaning comes to life on the screen. Maybe it’s because it connects with people’s desire to do something with real meaning. To make a difference. Or maybe because it gives people such an incredible sense of hope and excitement for the future.

There is nothing quite like the power of video. It engages more senses than any of the other media. And it’s a format that our prospects gravitate towards. It makes me wonder why I’m writing this, and not making a video.