I want to be inspired. How about you?

We live in a search engine driven world. Companies know when we're looking and what we're looking for.

They return details to us. Product features. Specifications. And when we decide to mull it over while we knock around the internets, they retarget us with ads that pop up as we browse (yeah, it feels a little creepy.)

But what if we're not ready to hear the details? What if we're in that part of our customer journey that wants something more than specifications?

The ability to deliver details to interested browsers has overshadowed one of the most powerful things our marketing can do - inspire people.

Tell me what's possible. Show me new ideas. And then show me how your product is a conduit to my aspirations.

If you can connect your brand to my aspirations, you'll make a more inspired connection with me than any litany of features could ever create.

So come on. Do your business a favor. And inspire me.