How powerful is your purpose? Do this to find out.

Do you have a Big Audacious Meaning that inspires? That’s kind of a trick question. If you have to stop and wonder, one of two things is happening. Either you really haven’t clarified your purpose, or you haven’t expressed it in a way that captures the imagination of everyone your brand touches. Our purpose proclaims how we will have a profound impact on the lives of those around us. Something that monumental should be captured in a form that expresses the magnitude. Something that builds belief, sparks imagination, and inspires all to join us on this quest. This is not a business case or a positioning statement. This needs to put a stake in the ground. It needs to signal that, from this point forward, we have a profoundly meaningful pursuit. Our Big Audacious Meaning.

You need a manifesto

This task demands a unique form. One that can capture the depth and import. One that we can fill with meaning and language that is crackling with energy. We need a manifesto. A manifesto speaks to the big challenge that lies ahead. It proclaims the difference we will make. And paints a picture of the profound impact that we will have. It's powerful in its brevity. Think one page. And it’s devoid of jargon and corporate speak. Rather it is the bold anthem that will make goosebumps rise and hearts skip a beat. It's the kind of proclamation that will turn people into believers. Believers into advocates. And advocates into evangelists. This is the most powerful expression of your Big Audacious Meaning.

The purpose power revealer

A manifesto can’t be faked. It has to be inspired by a meaningful purpose. If you’re having trouble writing something moving, it’s probably time to revisit your purpose.

That’s one of the great things about a manifesto. It reveals the authenticity of your purpose. And if the meaning is there, it gives you an unrivaled form for amplifying that meaning.

How powerful is your purpose? Write your manifesto. You’ll know.