Feature-driven branding makes you incredibly forgettable

What is it with companies wanting to bombard us with features? How much of all that detail could we possibly recall? Here’s an even better question. Why don’t they understand that we need a reason to care before we want the details of the offer?

Now consider we’re in a video-driven world

Video consumption is exploding. People want to consume your messages through video. Here’s the challenge, though. Viewers can drop out quickly if the video isn’t engaging. And statistics show that’s exactly what they do.

Knowing this, it seems insane that you would opt for feature-driven branding on anything but maybe a deep-dive video on the company website that engages a prospect when he or she is deep into the customer journey. You definitely wouldn’t use this approach with a commercial playing during a ball game where people are distracted and probably multi-screening. Yet you see a dearth of commercials that use this approach.

The super secret to engaging us

You want to engage us? Yes, use video. But here’s the bigger secret. Actually, it’s not such a secret since I already spilled the beans. Anyway, here is the super secret. Give us a reason to care before you give us the details to buy. Let us feel connected to a Big Audacious Meaning that you’ve defined for your brand. Entertain us. Make us laugh. Make us cry. Make us think. Just don’t make us try and remember all your features. Because the only thing that does is make you incredibly forgettable.


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