Taking your brand from identifiable to valuable to irresistible

When you think about your brand, do you think of it as nothing more than a way to identify your organization? Maybe you go a step further and think of it as a way to define value for your customers. Or perhaps, you believe it could do something even more powerful. A brand has the potential to engage prospects on many different levels. It all depends on what we decide to allow it to do.

An identifiable brand

An identifiable brand is one that helps you establish an identity. It's defined by a name and many times even a logo. These devices work together to help increase the likelihood of prospects remembering who you are. But that's pretty much the extent of an identifiable brand's powers.

A valuable brand

A valuable brand goes a step further by asking, "How can we express the advantage we offer to our customers?" This can be communicated in rational terms – relying on things like being faster, cheaper, more innovative, etc. Or it can step up to articulating what those attributes add up to for our customers (confidence, peace of mind, etc.) Some of the world's most successful companies have brands that account for anywhere from 40% to 60% of the company's value. It is rare that you will find a brand that is simply identifiable among these. It takes a valuable brand – most often one that can tap into those emotional drivers.

An irresistible brand

Of course, then there are those brands that seem magnetic. They are aspirational, and inspiring to everyone they engage.

Reaching this rarified level takes something more than being identifiable, and even valuable. We have to help our prospects feel like they are part of something special. Something that helps them feel like they are making a difference for those around them. Maybe even making a difference in the world. I call this the Big Audacious Meaning.

This sense of purpose elevates a brand. It creates a level of desirability that transcends everything else. These are the brands that have prospects seeking them out. These are the brands whose logos those prospects willingly display without being asked. Because they stand for something meaningful. Something galvanizing. Something irresistible.

If you're interested in learning how to bring a Big Audacious Meaning into your brand, drop me a line. And let's create something irresistible.