A great brand starts with "why"

For marketers, it’s natural to want to get right to telling the world about our company or product. After all, we want to convert those prospects, right?

But when we take off our sales hat and think like our fellow prospects, our attitude shifts. Before we buy, we want to know why.

What is the “why”?

The “why” is, “Why are you relevant in my life?” And, “Why should I care?”

We want you to talk about us before you talk about about you. We want to understand what you can do for us. But even more importantly, we want to know why we should believe in you.

When a brand has a clearly-stated and engaging purpose, it gives us a reason to connect. Studies even show that people will go out of their way to choose a brand that has a purpose that they can appreciate and even get behind.

It has to be authentic.

You can’t just manufacture a “why” and expect people to rush to your door. In today’s transparent world, it’s too easy to see through the hollow words. Your “why” has to be demonstrated. Through what you do, what you share, and how you help.

The great news is that once you unearth your “why”, your stories become more powerful. More meaningful. And you have the opportunity to do something that every brand strives for. To not only convert prospects, but to turn them into evangelists.