6 tips for better storytelling user experience

In my last post, I talked about the importance of user experience. It’s a concept that can ensure that the form of your storytelling is as engaging as your words. With that in mind, here are 6 tips to improve the experience around your story.

1. Remove the vagueness from your subheads

Readers will scan your story to determine if your content is relevant and valuable to them. If your subheads are vague, it may just end up frustrating them.

2. Use bullets to make your content scannable

Since you know people are scanning your content before they read, use bullets to make it easy for them to identify the important points you are making.

3. Consider a pull quote to highlight important insight

Do you have a line that summarizes the key thesis of your story? Consider using it in pull quote format. It may be a great device for pulling your reader deeper into your story.

4. Start with an abstract or key takeaways to help your audience decide to engage

An abstract or key takeaways can help your reader quickly understand the insights you will elaborate on. Readers have a lot of content they go through. Help them quickly understand what you have to add to their lives.

5. Illustrate your key insight

We comprehend ideas faster when they are presented visually. Including a visual or infographic that illustrates your point can make your storytelling more memorable.

6. Keep it short

Your readers will appreciate the work you put in to eliminate the extraneous and make your ideas easy to consume.